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About J-pillow

The eureka moment for the J-pillow travel pillow came when I was on a night flight with my family. I had just been abruptly woken by my head jerking forward and the children were squabbling over whose turn it was to sit next to the window so they could rest their head against it. That’s when the idea came to me... a travel pillow that would stop the dreaded head nod by supporting your head so much that it would feel like you had a window seat every time you traveled!

When I returned home, I bought a second-hand sewing machine and set to work on making the first prototype. While designing the pillow I also drew on my past experiences as a flight attendant with Virgin Atlantic, where I would see passengers struggling to sleep, mainly because the pillows they were using did nothing to support their necks.

After 200-plus attempts, the J-pillow travel pillow was ‘born’ – its unique design makes it the world’s first chin-supporting neck pillow and is the winner of the very prestigious British Invention of the Year award.

Gemma J Pillow

How can the J-pillow travel pillow help you?

How can the J Pillow Help

The J-pillow travel pillow has been designed to target all those problem areas that stop you from getting a good sleep on your journey. This means that the pillow will help you get the best rest possible while you're travelling, so you'll arrive at your destination refreshed and ready to enjoy your day. 

As a small family business, we are very grateful to our customers and we are committed to providing you with the highest standard of customer care possible. If you have any questions, please reach out to me at and I will endeavour to reply within a few hours, even at weekends (I know, the curse of being a workaholic!). Your happiness is my happiness :)

Gemma Jensen

Founder and inventor of the J-pillow travel pillow